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What is a Truffle?

Because of their uneven and rough surface truffles were named after the real truffle, the fungus from Perigord in France.

The popularity of truffles led to many variations being created.

The art of the Chocolate Garden is to combine flavours in a subtle manner to obtain a harmonious creation.

Our truffle range uses a rich traditional chocolate ganache and combines real spirits and natural flavours to enhance your enjoyment.

Truffle Selections

  • Champagne - A traditional white chocolate ganache with Marc de champagne
  • Rum - A rich 70% dark chocolate blended into cream and Navy rum
  • Lime and lemon - A citrus dream for perfect mouthwatering flavour
Size of Box Price Quantity
Box of 12 Truffles Box of 12 Truffles £6.95
Box of 12 Hand Rolled Truffles Box of 12 Hand Rolled Truffles £9.95


Chocolates will be sent out by first class post following receipt of payment or on the date you specify. Subject to the lead times mentioned above.

All our chocolates are sent by first class letter post. We cannot accept responsibility for damage in the post, nor for late delivery or non-arrival caused by factors over which we have no control.

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