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The Chocolate Garden produces its chocolates using the best ingredients available.

However, all the food we eat is subject to our own particular tastes. Chocolate is no different. Some of us like the strong taste of dark chocolate, others the sweetness of white chocolate.

Within each category of chocolate (Dark, Milk, White) there is still wide variation in taste, strength and flavour.

The Cacao bean is harvested from many parts of the world. Each grower produces a bean of individual character. If these beans are used exclusively to make chocolate, it is called 'Single Origin Chocolate'. Inevitably, this varietal chocolate carries a higher price tag.

During the production of chocolate, the cacao bean is split into its component fractions. These are Cacao powder and Cacao butter. There are then recombined adding sugar, vanilla, lecithin and other ingredients to produce the chocolate you eat from manufacturers like ourselves.

The famous chocolate houses of Europe use expert blenders and tasters to produce their own 'house flavour', or blend from a variety of bean stock. This in effect results in a chocolate which is appealing to the majority of their customers.

At The Chocolate Garden we have tried to recognise the values of individuality by offering a wide choice of fillings and flavours using blended chocolate as mentioned above.

However, in our truffle range, we have also tried to give scope to those who have the palates to appreciate some of the characteristic flavours of single origin, fair trade and organic chocolate.

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